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The history of jeeva. Moksha Sootram by His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa (Founder of Siddha Samaj) Siddha Vedam all in all.


1. The value of Siddha Vedam is beyond words.To understand its value one must read and
meditate the book again and again.

2.Many a life histories are there.But Siddha Vedam is the unique- the true one.It is the
exposition of self- experience realized by the Founder of Siddha Samaj.

3.All learnings whatever it may be are meaningless if one doesn't realize himself.To realize
oneself one must learn himself.Siddha Vidya(Pranayama) is the art of learning oneself.And
knowing oneself is self enlightenment Kaivalyam.

4.Destruction of live (the self) becomes the root - cause of MAYA or SELF- FORGETFULNESS(IGNORANCE), puts to BONDAGE and SUFFERINGS and ends in DEATH. PRESERVATION OF LIFE(the SELF) becomes the root-cause of SELF-REALIZATION, get rid of BONDAGE and imparts SUBLIME BLISS AND IMMORTALITY.


How far mislead in the name of religion!!
How to lead the right way of life!!
How far ignorant of oneself and world!!
How to learn oneself and be it!!
How we suffer and die!!
How to get deliverance from suffering!!
How to attain Self - realization and Sublime Bliss!!

KARMA is not action, but object- Vayu, the life- force!!

Karmayoga is the union of karma, the jeeva with Iswara!!

UPADESAM is not teaching but the place in proximity to the seat of GOD,Bhrumadyam, i.e the very process of approaching the Supreme Being!!

UPAVASAM is not fasting but the state of being in close proximity to God; i.e the very process of getting the mind placed at the abode of God.Fasting is the outcome of Upavasam!!

LINGAM, UPASTAM&GUDAM exist in all creatures-neither genitalia of male Lingam,nor genitalia of female Upastam, nor anus Gudam!!

SHADADHARA are not the six places from anus to forehead, but the six stages realized during the communion of mind and soul at Bhrumadyam!!

For details of such and so many Principals of LIFE, the SELF,


Besides, the vegetation on the earth is farther below from sunshine which is farther above. Doesn't that sunshine gravitate and extract the life of the vegetation, the very essence(vitality) of it, being in liquid form and the vegetation being devoid of its vitality become dried up and fall? Likewise, there is sun in us also.That sun is called Prana. That Sun which is the Prana, the Agniswarupa, is in us above at Bhrumadyam. Thus the rays of the sun, the Prana, the Agniswarupa, spreads all over our body upto the nails just as the sunshine spreads all over the world. Moreover, just like the sunshine which is at the farthest above, gravitates and extracts the life, the vitality being in liquid form out of the vegetation which is at farthest below on the earth, likewise the sun, Prana at our Bhrumadyam gravitates and extracts the vitality(essence) out of the manure in our manure pit, the belly and evacuates outside the stools which is devoid of vitality.Therefore, the Prana which is the sun, Agniswarupa, is in us up and above at Bhrumadyam. That place is called Hridyam.

Origin:SIDDHAVEDAM, Chapter 2

".......... with Vayu, the Jeeva Sakhti, we must blow the eye of fire, the Sushumna which is the Bhrumadyam and burn there all our passions and desires. This blowing of Sushumna with Vayu is Pranayama. Without knowing this and misunderstanding the meaning of the word Pranayama, people practise it so many ways. Some close nostrils and breath in air forcibly upward through the other one, restrain it, stir the brain, cause madness, consumption and other nervous complications and die out......"
Thus goes on Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa. Pranayama in Swamiji's words is Siddha Vidya. Brahma Vidya, Ashtakshari, Panjakshari, Ekakshari, Ajapa Gayathri, Vasiyoga etc.,etc.,are all nothing but siddha vidya itself. the practice of the Siddha Vidya is the true worship of god- the life force- Vayu, the Jeevasakthi. Really it is the Aksharabhyasam, the Vidyabhyasam(Education), the Karmayoga the Hatayoga, the Rajayoga, etc.,etc. It is the only way to know oneself and to attain Supreme knowledge, the one to reach Manhood, the Moksha (salvation), the one to enjoy Brahmananda, the one practised and propagated by the Great Teachers- the Rishis, the Buddha, the Christ, The Mohammed, etc.,etc.,the one leads to World Welfare and Wold peace.
For such and so many basic truths of Vedantha, in extensive, clear and authoritative terms, go through the FIFTH VEDAM,



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